How to be prepared for a trip by long distance car transport


Overcoming of a long journey by the car considerably differs from usual driving around the city, and it is necessary to be prepared for it responsibly. What are the things needed on the road, how to plan a route, and how to check that the car is ready for a long journey?

The route selection
It is necessary to plan your route and to take a detailed map. By studying the way, you need to pay attention to the detour in the event of a major accident or repairs that may block the road. The navigator is recommended to take with you; if suddenly you are tired and miss a turn, it will help to return on the necessary route.
Besides, it is possible to mark all fueling stations on the map and in advance to count when you need to refuel. Also on this case, it would be quite good to have the canister with gasoline in a luggage trunk.
It is necessary to get acquainted with a weather forecast in an assignment point, and to pick up suitable footwear and clothes in advance.

The long distance car transport preparation 

Before setting off on a long journey, it is necessary to perform independent inspection of the car:
- to check tires for wear, to pump up them if it is necessary;
- to change oil in the engine;
- to check an oil level in the gearbox;
- to look if it is enough braking fluid in a tank;
- to check operability of a brake system;
- to check operability of light signals – blinkers, tail lamp, and if it is necessary to carry out a replacement of the fused bulbs;
- to tighten a bench hammer if there is a need.

After a survey of the car and fault recovery, it is necessary to check some things in were available a luggage trunk:
- pump;
- breakdown triangle;
- motor oil;
- glass cleaning liquid;
- tool kit;
- fire extinguisher;
- jack;
- compressor;
- automobile first-aid kit;
- spare wheel;
- the canister with gasoline (5–10 liters);
- a rope (for towage).

The safe trip by long distance transport 


During a trip on you are responsible not only for yourself, but also for health of the people who are in your car, and also other participants of traffic. If you want the trip to be the safest and comfortable, it is necessary to adhere to several important recommendations.
1. Before a long journey, the driver needs to get enough sleep properly. The way begun in good mood is doomed to success.
2. Each 2–3 hours it is necessary to stop to grant a respite to a body and eyes. To the driver, as well as all passengers, it is recommended to go out of the car and to resemble a little. It is possible to do several easy exercises for warm-up of extremities – squats, moves hands, turn by the head.
3. It is better to place nobody in the car throughout all way at all.
4. If it happened so that you have decided to spend the night on the road, but not in hotel, select the place more carefully. You should not stop in the middle of the route where there are neither cars, nor houses, nor other structures. Optimal and safe variant is a stop on lodging for the night at a post of traffic police or at gas station. It is also possible to spend the night on the parking for long-distance truck drivers if several trucks will stay there overnight.

The useful advices for the drivers planning a trip by long distance car transport


There are the recommendations that will help you to make a trip more comfortable.
1. The first that it is necessary to put in the car – documents. Check existence of the car driver license, passport, documents for the car and the insurance medical policy.
2. Preparing for travel, do not forget to take with yourself the sufficient sum of money for a power supply, on gas station, on a case of force majeure situations.
3. To avoid the excess expenditure, you should buy the car fridge. You will be able to put a food there, which will be enough for all roads to the destination. So you will save a considerable part of the budget and own time. In addition to food, it is necessary to take enough water in the road.
4. You should not load the car strongly. It is necessary to take in a trip only those things that are really necessary for you. The car is easier loaded, the fuel usage is less.
5. Trying to save space in the car and to cut fuel usage, you should not neglect necessary things. If you go to a trip to a cold season and you are even going to spend the night in hotel, it is all the same necessary to take with itself warm clothes and blankets in case the car will break earlier, than you will reach the place of spending the night. Also, do not forget about means of hygiene, disposable tableware and other important things.
6. Stack things in a luggage trunk correctly. The most necessary is money, water and food - should be put in foreground. And the clothes, prepared for rest, can be placed in a far corner of a luggage trunk.
7. Having left city boundaries, most likely, you will begin to feel fatigue. Monotony of the movement can cause drowsiness. Do not let yourself get bored – talk to the passengers, turn on the cheerful music, sing songs. Do everything not to fall asleep on the way.
8. Fill the car at large gas stations. As a rule, fuel is a little cheaper there, than on small-unknown fueling stations. Moreover, risk filling in low-quality fuel, which can cause a breakdown of the car, is significantly reduced.
9. During a trip, observe the high-speed mode. It will help to reduce a consumption of gasoline and to avoid the speeding tickets.
10. Don’t use the conditioner without any need, because its work increases a fuel usage.

Getting ready for a trip by long distance transport, it is important not only to check its operability, to pack things necessary on the way, but also to create a right mood. Only the vigorous, got enough sleep, full and cheerful driver is capable to cover the long distance without problems.


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