What you need to know when renting a limousine?

The lease of a limousine is not luxury now. This car can relieve you of the different unpleasant vital moments and become the reliable companion on your holiday. Now limousine is a very common form of transport in almost all activities. This car looks especially beautiful in a wedding train, but the limousine can be applied also to a trip on different types of parties, business travels, and graduation parties or just as antidepressant.

Regardless of whether you will hire a limousine regularly or for once, you need to know several main rules, which will help you to organize your rent correctly.

The license and an insurance of the limousine rental company is a guarantee of your safety

You pay money for a car rental, and therefore you have the right to worry about legality of activities of that company which provides you the car. It is also important to have appropriate insurance in the case of forcemajeure, and certificate indicating the legal right to transport the passengers and reliability of the company's drivers. All these documents you should ask the manager of the company where you are renting a limo, and at the same time you should not hurry. Read them carefully. You should understand what the order and booking of a limousine on the Internet shall not be performed until you do not know an information about activities of the company. You should not strongly rely, in this case, on a customer feedback on the websites of lessees. The true and false information can be written there, and you will need to estimate the work of this or that company you selected. You need to communicate with the manager or the administrator of the company personally. If the limo rental service is the reliable and proven, then all orders need to be performed by phone.

Call the limousine rental company and ask the important questions

This point will help you to avoid unnecessary costs of time to visit the office of the company and to solve all the organizational issues. You just call the administrator tell a situation which requires a car rental and the corresponding servicing. Here you need to specify time of limousine lease, the number of people whom you plan to transport and the actual destination. After an explanation of such information, ask the manager all of your questions, which are listed below. Very often, the companies on hire of limousines are engaged in servicing only of a certain type of action, and therefore your information will help the manager to determine quickly whether this company will be able to execute your order or not. So, what general questions should be asked to the manager or the administrator of the rental company?

  1. The first thing you should be interested in is proper driver training, availability of the appropriate rights to transportation of the passengers, availability in the company of licenses and certificates, insurance policies. The company should give all this information to you as to the interested client.
  2. The availability of the decent park of cars in this company should also be a moment that is worth clarifying. Especially important for you is information about quantity and a coloring of limousines, their service life and year of release, an opportunity to look at the chosen car before lease and to estimate its technical features.
  3. What is the policy of the organization for carrying out the graduation and school parties with using of alcohol drinks?
  4. What are the guarantees of company in case of accident and getting injured by passengers?
  5. How much will the car rental cost, taking into account all allowances for servicing and tip for the driver? Usually the size of tip is determined by 20% of the cost of all servicing. Also, it should be taken into account the payment of additional services, such as cleaning of the car, the allowance for fuel. Remember that you pay for a rental car in a full and the time is not calculated when there are no passengers, and limousine is just standing near the entrance to the different places.

The knowledge of the limo hire vehicles

Choosing the car for the action, you have to understand the versions and brands of limousine for a little bit. The park of limousines can be represented by several machines of different models, but you need to solve what will be suitable for your holiday. The model of the car is determined in many respects depending on that type of action for which this transport is leased. If it is picnic on two-three person, then the limousine should be not too luxurious. Another matter, if the car is hired for a big special event – a wedding, birthday, a graduation party, etc.

So, here are the several types of limousines, which can decorate your leisure:

  • luxury sedan of black or light shades, where there are four seats, is most often used for service of corporate actions, transport for the airport or hotel. Such limousine is popular not only among the businessmen, but also among the general population which prefers rent of such model for holding celebrations and holidays;
  • limousine is most often used for service of such celebrations as a wedding. At the same time, the same Lincoln sedan allows to place about 10 passengers in the salon if previously to stretch sitting at the necessary length and width;
  • it is also possible to use the car that includes the functions of a limousine (there are a conditioner, a mini-bar, the player or the built-in flat screen TV in salon). Only the external signs are a little other than a usual limousine has. Such car is called the luxury SUV and can be used at trips in the most different places. The whole family of five - six people can be located in it with ease.

The limousine can perfectly cheer up; its spacious salon and the built-in mini-bar always surprise people who have come to be in such car for the first time. The limousine rental can make your every journey to be exciting, except that you just will not have to worry about the drunk driver, because Limo rental service assumes also a driver at the time, when you celebrate and take the alcoholic drinks.

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