Transfer from hotel to airport

The transfer is belonged to one of the types of transport services that implies a preorder of the vehicle to move from point to point. It can be escort of the customer at the airport, railway station or other places. There are also the accompanying functions: not only the client's meeting at the airport with a sign, waiting at the designated location or help with luggage, but also, if it is necessary, a meeting with the flowers, giving of fresh coffee to a ladder of the plane or soft drinks in the hot summer.

Now those who have not got used to travel with light baggage can independently reserve the individual transfer from hotel to airport.

10 benefits of an individual transfer

  1. It is individually for you. You can choose the car that will be interested for you, considering all your wishes.
  2. There will be no surprises. If you are used to fuss and resolve unexpectedly arising issues during the travel –the transfer company will relieve you from the hassle. When ordering a transfer, you have a clear understanding in advance of the whole process moving. And even if the plans are changed, your transfer company will accompany all its stages from "A" to "Z", quickly changing the schedule of a route if it is necessary.
  3. It is conveniently for you with children and luggage. It is the most pleasant to understand that your movements will not cause a headache neither in you, nor in members of your family. At that time, while the transfer service serves your trip, all of you enjoy rest together.
  4. There is "No" to queues and expectations! Ordering transfer services, you can forget about queues by a taxi, expectations of servicing of your order, force majeurs with cars and delivery addresses. The transport hotel services already know your movements of a step forward, therefore even in case of a flight delay or in case of the shift of the schedule of trips – you are always expected.
  5. There are features of another country or city. In another country, especially when it is the first time you visit, there are often some nuances that need to be solved quickly: right-hand drive vehicles, unknown routes, confusion with addresses, with the settlement of the problem of the hotel, etc. Similar situations can be arisen even in other city of the native land. Transfer service, in this case, is a friend and helper for tourists discovering new places. Whatever happens, you will get advice and help from the driver who is constantly accompanying you or from dispatcher of the transfer service.
  6. It is recommended for business trips. The risk of being late for important meetings is not allowed. Pre-budgeted travel schedule, approved with transfer service, guarantees the timely submission of the car, timing compliance, support of your reputation as punctual business partner.
  7. There is an availability of VIP service. The special attention is paid to cars for VIP clients in auto fleet of transfer services. The line of the premium, business and lux class cars– it is possible to realize all the options if it is needed to serve a particular case or person. Also the unusual signs of attention are present– flowers to a plane ladder, soft drinks and other exclusive services.
  8. A transfer – it is not expensive. Of course, it also is not cheap, but these services are provided in the price range of a regular taxi. The myth about exorbitant prices on a transfer usually dissipates in case of communication with dispatchers of the transfer companies who create cost for your individual order. Therefore, the best method to be convinced of availability of transfer services personally for you – to address the dispatcher for the miscalculation. Be sure that you will be pleasantly surprised with result!
  9. It is comfort that you deserve. The individual transfer is the most convenient way of travel. You just need to order only once and get the most out of the trip.
  10. It is Ideally for the big companies. Traveling in groups of four people, you can order the spacious transport allowing spending time on the way comfortably.

The hotel transfers of the VIP class

There are situations when it is impossible to manage without a car of the VIP class, for example, meeting of important partners, arrival of foreign delegations and representations. The VIP car rental service is irreplaceable service in such cases. The transfer company will provide a set of VIP options of hotel transfers for your choice, as well as professional drivers who speak the foreign languages. An important argument in favor of a such service is prompt and timely submission of the car. Time plays an important role for you, the business person, being in business trip. The transfer gives you confidence that you will not be late for an important meeting, excludes delay option on a plane flight– everything will be made in time and without excess efforts.

The service of transfers takes care of your safety during the trip. The car has no right to leave to order without preliminary technical inspection. As external, and in salon, the vehicle is in perfect tune and is corresponded to the status.

When booking, you purchase transport hotel services with such benefits:

  • Exclusively new cars (with the conditioner, comfortable seats, the modern audio system)
  • In case of unforeseen events, you are provided with communication with representatives of the company for 24 hours a day
  • Representatives of the company constantly control time of your arrival or departure
  • There is an opportunity to order a transport servicing "to the day"
  • You are given an opportunity to approve an extra time of expectation at the airport or at the railway station
  • Attractive rates.
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